For a woman who weaves beautiful relations around her, for a girl who exudes charm and beams like sunny days, for a mother whose warmth embraces her child and their bond manifests in their vivacious chuckles, we bring to them a tender touch of Chanderi, an expression that exudes the various moods of these charming souls – Sreevas .

The Chanderi Silk Saree brand Sreevas brings forth some debonair weaves and motifs for the modern women, where this Indian apparel finds a way to the wearer’s soul. Sreevas embraces all kinds of extremely comfortable, light-weight Chanderi sarees, kurtis, dupattas and stoles with a translucent, glossy, and a delicate texture for the women who love to ooze elegance through the minimum sparkle.

Conceived in the year 2017 by Mr. Arun Soni- the jeweler in Madhya Pradesh, Sreevas is the new address for a unique online shopping experience of innovation and panache in the segment of this queenly adornment -Chanderi saree. Sreevas is a promise of quality, distinctive weaves, style and elegance, that lets you indulge in the luxury of affluence that was once enjoyed by the royals of India. Chanderi Sarees by Sreevas are svelte yet striking, vivid yet feminine where each weave in each saree is flamboyant, rich and spectacular.

Why Sreevas

A one stop solution to experience free expression of designers and weavers who integrate Indian handcrafted traditions in these Chanderi sarees to reflect a contemporary vocabulary. At Sreevas we have a collection that is conceived for the women to celebrate feminism with elegance and panache.


Style is different for each woman, every one of you is special with thoughts that vary and evolve in fashion. Going by this evolution, there’s one thing we at Sreevas believe in holding onto and that’s the precious heritage of Chanderi. Keeping the desires of your precious souls in mind, Sreevas brings forth the creations that do complete justice with the current fashion carrying along the royalty and legacy of Indian Chanderi.


Sreevas believes in delivering quality. We are committed to stand behind each purchase you make at and provide assured quality to our customers.


Each Chanderi creation is special and unique for us. Every purchase made at is wrapped with our special gratitude and love which renders an emotional touch to the connoisseurs of opulence.